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November 20, 2016

Nadal is all set to hit the tennis court at the Mubadala World Tennis Championships in Abu Dhabi on December, 29th. Although the results will show after 6 months.

A respected Spanish Newspaper El Mundo reported on 20th November, 2016 that Tennis player Rafael Nadal underwent a FUE hair transplant procedure to restore his thinning mane. Nadal was known for his long hair and was not quite happy about losing his hair and at the age of 30 decided to go for a 10 hour FUE Hair transplant procedure at a specialist clinic in Madrid. He was seen hiding his thinning hairline and a bald patch on his scalp, with a bandana on the court. Earlier this year in January, at an Australian Open party in Melbourne his thinning hairline ha left the people in awe. Nadal was also teased by World number one Andy Murray, who has been facing hair loss problem himself twitter ‘Who loses their hair first out of me and Rafa?’ IN 2011, Am England and Manchester United star Wayne Rooney went got 4,500 follicles transplanted. The procedure was carried out after a local anaesthetic and sedation. At that time, Rooney was only 25 years old. He was delighted with the results and inspired other athletes to follow his footsteps. The total cost of Rooney’s Hair transplant Surgery was approximately £7,700. Today you can the same results with FUE Hair Transplant in Dubai for a fraction of the cost Roon

December 17, 2015
FUE Hair Transplant In Dubai

What Is FUE?

It is very important to know that what the best procedure for your desire result is because without knowing the procedure you cannot decide the procedure. There is a short description about FUE hair transplant. FUE hair transplant is a relatively painless technique of collecting donor hair in a follicular unit. Such harvesting separates few living tissues from the surrounding ones by making small circular surgical incisions in the donor skin that is one of the most advance technique of hair transplant. The instrument used in this resettlement leaves no scars and tissues are directly pulled from the scalp.

Why FUE Hair Transplant In Dubai?

Dubai is one of the places where people come from all over the world. It is known for its advancement and comforts, Hair transplant in Dubai is being save and best decision that you made for your treatment because the doctors are their they use most advance technique they try to make every possibility for making your treatment 100% successful. Dubai is a haven for people facing hair loss issues. Read more about causes of Hair Loss.

Procedure and Instruments of FUE Hair Transplant

December 17, 2015
Hair Transplant Surgeon in UAE

Hair Transplant Surgeon in UAE

Hair transplant specialist in UAE is working hard on the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) surgery. FUE is tremendously used and the most tried and true procedure of hair transplant being utilized by the hair transplant specialist in UAE for dependability and cicatrix free rebuilding of hair. FUE is an extremely effective surgical procedure that it is impractical to separate joined hair from characteristic hair. The outcomes are typical and unnoticeable, this is the accurate strategy of the best specialist and uncovered individual can comprehend the specialist’s capacity. Before beginning hair transplantation treatment, you need to bring issues to light about FUE with the goal that you choose a hair transplant specialist in UAE for treatment. FUE is the strategy of taking out contributor hair from a giver site in a FUE hair transplant system. A device is used to construct minimal round entry points in the skin adjacent a follicular unit while dealing with it from the encompassing tissue. The FU straightforwardly expels from the scalp, leaving a bit open gap. Hair transplant specialist in UAE conveys this strategy until it aggregates enormous measure of follicular units for the arranged hair repair. For single meeting, this methodology can take three to four hours, while for broadened meeting, it may be carried out in two c

December 17, 2015
Tunio Aesthetics in Dubai

God has blessed us with a lot of distinct elements. Every single feature carries its own distinctiveness and plays a vital role in signifying an individual’s persona. Few attributes amp up the exquisiteness of an entity and make him/her the center of attention. The feeling of being the spotlight guise always grants an individual a lovely sensation. But if we lack any of the fundamental characteristic, we put our foot on the way to deficiency of everything including the attraction power, magnetism pull, appeal, lure and charm.

Unique Feature Highlighting Everyone’s Person

Hair, a unique facet highlights the personality of a living being in an exceptional manner. It offers you a star manifestation. Fine well set hair makes an individual confident and convinced. They add an attention grabbing quality to one’s existence. A person can enjoy the feeling of being unique, stunning and striking by having thick strong hair. Tresses are important as breath to an entity’s live. Have you ever thought yourself without hair? Surely not, as it’s terrible to even consider. Then, what about those who are lacking such an exclusive blessing? Don’t worry. Dr. Zulfiqar H. Tunio & team have now come up with FUE hair transplant.

Dubai – an Exclusive Place for People gone Bald

Dubai, the most populous and big business global city of UAE have many gian

December 17, 2015
FUE Hair Transplant in Dubai by top hair transplant doctors in the world

Advance Technology And Facilities For Hair Transplant In Dubai

Dubai is one the most advanced city of the world where there many things happening, most of the advance technology and facilities are there in Dubai. Cosmetic industry is also one the most famous industry most of the celebrities went there in Dubai for their surgeries. Hair transplant surgery is also of the surgery for which people use to come in Dubai. Hair transplant cost in Dubai is completely based on the nature of hair loss.

Required Number of Grafts

The surgeon will receive fee on the basis of grafts a person needed. cost per graft is AED 10 to AED 60. Bald persons from European countries are now visiting Dubai for hair restoration due to its high quality, latest technologies and internationally qualify team of doctors in lower cost. FUE Hair transplant cost in Dubai somehow expensive in Dubai as evaluate to the conventional one. The Follicle Unit Extraction cost is high as compared Follicular Unit hair transplant cost in Dubai. Surgeons in Dubai are struggling to charge a low cost for the patients so that every bald person can have the advantage of this process. Regardless of the charge paid by the client, they struggle their best to convince each patient. You can discover well-equipped clinics and centers in Dubai and can see that hair transplant cost in Dubai is very low and excellent trea