FUE Hair Transplant at Tunio Aesthetics In Dubai

FUE Hair Transplant at Tunio Aesthetics In Dubai

God has blessed us with a lot of distinct elements of FUE Hair Transplant. Every single feature carries its own distinctiveness and plays a vital role in signifying an individual’s persona. Few attributes amp up the exquisiteness of an entity and make him/her the center of attention. The feeling of being the spotlight guise always grants an individual a lovely sensation. But if we lack any of the fundamental characteristic, we put our foot on the way to deficiency of everything including the attraction power, magnetism pull, appeal, lure and charm.

Unique Feature Highlighting Everyone’s Person

Hair, a unique facet highlights the personality of a living being in an exceptional manner. It offers you a star manifestation. Fine well set hair makes an individual confident and convinced. They add an attention grabbing quality to one’s existence. A person can enjoy the feeling of being unique, stunning and striking by having thick strong hair. Tresses are important as breath to an entity’s live. Have you ever thought of yourself without hair? Surely not, as it’s terrible to even consider. Then, what about those who are lacking such an exclusive blessing? Don’t worry. Dr. Zulfiqar H. Tunio & the team have now come up with FUE hair transplant.

Dubai – an Exclusive Place for People gone Bald

Dubai, the most populous and big business global city of UAE has many giant buildings and shopping malls. People come from all around the world to Dubai just to flourish their business or to spend some comfy holidays with their family. Dubai has appeared as a shopping hub. It provides employment to loads every year. People in Dubai are extensively facing hair problems. One of which is its shortage over head. Not only old ones, young individuals are now also seen bald in Dubai. That’s the reason; Dr. Tunio is now at service in Dubai too after other countries like Pakistan.

What FUE is?

Now the question arises what basically FUE is? Follicular Unit Extraction commonly known as FUE hair transplant is a comparatively painless technique of collecting donor hair in a follicular unit. Such harvesting separates few living tissues from the surrounding ones by making small circular surgical incisions in the donor skin. The instrument used in this resettlement leaves no scars and tissues are directly pulled from the scalp.

FUE Hair Transplant

Procedure and Instruments of FUE Hair Transplant at Tunio Aesthetics

Tunio team is known for their exceptional skills in hair replacement. Donor hair are taken mostly from the exceedingly crowded areas i.e. sides and back of the head. These tresses are planted into the balding areas. The procedure consists of 5 steps:

1. Physical Assessment
Physical Assessment of the patient is done by Dr. Tunio in Dubai. Such evaluation is also possible by the aid of a photograph. The estimation of required grafts is made with zone breakdown.
2. Donor Hair Extraction
This is the key step that differentiates FUE from obsolete FUSS. Head is marked with hair lines representing distinct zones of recipient and donor areas. Grafts are harvested from the donor area. The step carries least pain and rapid recovery time. It doesn’t put any wound mark while it was an attribute of the FUSS procedure.
3. Preparation of Recipient Area
Recipient area preparation comes upon next step after the extraction of grafts from the donor area. At Tunio, the aesthetic physician prepares your recipient head part i.e. having thin or no hair by crafting tiny incisions. These openings get stuffed by follicle units with follicular unit hair transplant. Tunio Aesthetics takes great care of follicle position so that natural hair growth is ensured. This exclusive feature truly gives astonishing results and lead FUE hair transplant towards triumph and achievement.
4. Grafts Positioning at Recipient Area
The next phase involves the placement of grafts into tiny incisions upon the recipient sites. Surgical staff under the supervision of Tunio Aesthetics physicians put every graft in its assigned position.
5. Results
The average growth period takes three to six months but it varies from patient to patient. The passing time directs to new thicken hair. Final results are usually seen upon the completion of one year after the surgery and constantly move towards improvement.

Naturalness of FUE Hair Transplant at Tunio Aesthetics

Tunio Aesthetics at Dubai ensures naturalness of FUE hair transplant. Patients can now enjoy the best looking hairlines as the surgeons here are highly skilled and delivers the best results. No one can even imagine that you have passed through distinct course of actions to get such hair as it looks so innate. Tunio have made naturalness their first priority.

Benefits of FUE Hair Transplant at Tunio Aesthetics

Following are the benefits of FUE hair transplant at Tunio Aesthetics in Dubai:
∙ Leave no scars
∙ Need least recovery time
∙ Harvesting of hair is done through the permanent zone
∙ Graft handling is done by the specialized staff
∙ Ensure Naturalness
∙ Give amazing results
∙ Once healed, doesn’t give any mark of the entire procedure

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