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Advancements in Hair Transplant

Recent Hair Transplant Advancements

Over the last decade hair transplant methods and techniques have been developed and implemented by innovative practitioners and hair restoration surgeon along with the non surgical treatments – April 21, 2013

Research is getting better and more advancement in hair transplant is expected in future. The results have improved as compared past. Tunio Aesthetics has adopted most recent surgical and non surgical technologies in hair transplant.
  • Executive FUE Sessions at Tunio Aesthetics without cutting or trimming the hair from both donor and recipient areas
  • To enhance growth of existing hair
    • Stem Cell Therapy
    • PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)
    • Growth hormones
    • Minoxidil in post operative care
  • Maximum number of Grafts in minimal time at Tunio Aesthetics by specialized tools
  • Full MPB (Male Pattern Baldness) area coverage in one Super Mega Session (4500 Grafts i.e. about 8000-10000 hair)

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