FUE Hair Transplant In Dubai

What Is FUE?

It is very important to know that what the best procedure for your desire result is because without knowing the procedure you cannot decide the procedure. There is a short description about FUE hair transplant. FUE hair transplant is a relatively painless technique of collecting donor hair in a follicular unit. Such harvesting separates few living tissues from the surrounding ones by making small circular surgical incisions in the donor skin that is one of the most advance technique of hair transplant. The instrument used in this resettlement leaves no scars and tissues are directly pulled from the scalp.

Why FUE Hair Transplant In Dubai?

Dubai is one of the places where people come from all over the world. It is known for its advancement and comforts, Hair transplant in Dubai is being save and best decision that you made for your treatment because the doctors are their they use most advance technique they try to make every possibility for making your treatment 100% successful. Dubai is a haven for people facing hair loss issues.

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Procedure and Instruments of FUE Hair Transplant In Dubai

Tunio hair transplant surgery center do operates with his team which is known for their exceptional skills in hair transplant. Donor hair are taken mostly from the extraordinarily crowded areas i.e. sides and back of the head where mostly the hairs remain in extraordinary quantity. The procedure is consisting on the following five steps.
1- Physical Assessment
2- Donor Hair Extraction
3- Preparation of Recipient Area
4- Grafts Positioning at Recipient Area
5- Results

Benefits of FUE Hair Transplant

Following are the benefits of FUE hair transplant in Dubai at Tunio Hair Transplant.
• No Linear scars in donor area
• It takes least recovery time and it gives you maximum output of your treatment
• It decreased recovery time in donor areas
• Graft handling is done by the specialized staff
• Ensure Naturalness of your hair transplant after the surgery it looks natural
• Give amazing results
• Once healed, doesn’t give any mark of the entire procedure

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