E-Cigarettes Before And After A Hair Transplant

Who does not know the dangers of smoking?

Many patients think that smoking an E-cigarette is less risky than a regular cigarette. They believe that using one before or after a hair transplant does not pose a danger to the process. Unfortunately, that is not true.

A cigarette is a cigarette, whether it is an E-cigarette or just a regular cigarette. But don’t get confused here. Our concern is the nicotine contained in a cigarette and its dangers to your health.

Many think that it is the smoke that causes more damage. It is not the smoke but the nicotine contained in tobacco that carries more risk to your health.

Well, I will not go into the details of the dangers associated with smoking. However, in this article, we will narrow it down to E-cigarette effects before and after hair transplant.

Best hair transplant surgeons from any clinic understand the need to have a successful hair transplant procedure. Therefore they will always issue you with pre and post-care instructions on caring for your hair follicles.

Can I Quit Smoking Before A Hair Transplant Surgery?

Honestly, it is not easy to quit smoking in a day. It will even be more challenging for you if you are a serial smoker.

Hair transplant is one of the safest surgical processes that have very few risks and minor complications. But that is possible to change if you do not cut down on smoking.

But you can start by cutting down smoking one month to the procedure. Then while approaching the last week of the procedure, you will refrain from smoking to make the hair transplant process easy.

However, if you find it hard, you can consult our best surgeons in Dubai. They will issue you with drugs to help you cut down on smoking before the process of hair transplant.


How Do You Compare A Smoker And Non-Smoker Of E-Cigarette?

A smoker faces more risk during the hair transplant than a non-smoker. Nicotine impacts any surgical process. That does not leave the hair transplant process out. 

The incisions made at the donor area and the recipient areas require your total attention to achieve the best results.

When you smoke the E-cigarette, the nicotine gets into your blood. Thus it impacts the patient’s healing process who has undergone the hair transplant.

That cannot go down well if you are a smoker. The risks are too high for a smoker, including bleeding, infection, taking long to heal, and many more.

What Makes E-Cigarette Different From A Regular Cigarette?

An E-cigarette uses nicotine vapors compared to other traditional chemicals, containing Nicotine and other 6000 chemicals. Another term used for e-cigarettes is vaping. Therefore, vaping has only Nicotine extracted for you to enjoy the liquid-vapor.

However, the ingredient that impacts hair transplant procedure is the Nicotine which is available in both cigarettes.

What Are The Effects Of E-Cigarette Before Hair Transplant?

The following are the severe and known risks you will be putting yourself in when you smoke before the hair transplant process.

#1. Smoking Causes Your Blood Vessels To Harden And Constrict

A constricted and hardened blood vessel hampers the flow of blood to the scalp. For a successful hair transplant process, the hair density at the donor area should be adequate. Enough hair density will ensure the surgeon will pick the right and healthy root hair follicles.

The hair follicles need a good blood flow, a medium to deliver oxygen and other nutrients to the scalp for good hair growth. So, the constricted and hardened blood vessels hamper the delivery of oxygen and other necessary nutrients to the scalp. 

That means it will affect the hair follicles’ growth, affecting the hair transplant process.



#2. Smoking Before Hair Transplant Affects The Delivery Of Anesthesia

Smoking increases the chances of more complications during the hair transplant process. Smoking hampers the delivery of anesthesia to blood and the scalp during the hair transplant process. 

Again the patient is more likely to feel more pain during the process than a non-smoker. It poses a risk to yourself and the doctors carrying out the hair transplant procedure.

Smoking complicates the use of anesthesia because it becomes a problem for a smoker to breathe while under anesthesia.

#3.Smoking Before The Hair Transplant procedure Compromises How The Heart Functions

During the hair transplant, a patient needs to be more comfortable and relaxed. However, a smoker finds it hard to relax. The heart works harder because of the constricted blood vessels and increased blood pressure and heart rate. 

High blood pressure during a hair transplant is not suitable for you.

#4. Smoking Makes The Blood To Change Consistency

Lack of consistency in the blood may result in increased bleeding. The hair transplant methods used in grafting the hair follicles involve a small incision made on the head. So, minimizing bleeding in the process.

However, stopping the minimal bleeding experienced by a smoker might not be easy. It is because of the compromised blood consistency. Blood clotting might also be a problem. The cigarette’s https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK53012/nicotine alters the blood clotting ability, thus putting the patient at risk of losing more blood.

So, it would be best if you stopped smoking at least eight weeks before the surgery to increase your hair transplant surgery results. Or you can visit our clinic and talk to the best surgeons in Dubai.

Should I Smoke an E-Cigarette After Hair Transplant?


Avoid cigarettes for two weeks. Smoking will impact the success of the hair transplant procedure. 

Many patients would want to resume smoking immediately after a hair transplant. They think that they are out of danger now that the process is over the process.

The two weeks after the surgery are crucial for your recovery process. Therefore you will have to wait and be patient if you want to achieve the right results after the hair transplant.

Our clinic has the best hair transplant surgeons in Dubai. They dedicate their time to offer you a service that will ensure you get satisfied with the process’s results. The aftercare instruction and the free consultation you stand to gain if the hair transplant is in our clinic.

Resuming smoking after the hair transplant will have the following far-reaching effects.

#1. Smoking Cigarette After Hair Transplant Surgery Affects Your Immune System

A compromised immune system is not suitable for a person recovering from the hair transplant procedure. Nicotine and other chemicals contained in the e-cigarette harm your immune system.

Moreover, it hampers the delivery of the essential nutrients that the grafted follicles require to heal faster. Therefore it will take longer for a smoker to recover after the hair transplant.

The techniques used in the hair transplant involve a small incision of the root hair follicles both at the donor and recipient area. Ideally, the process does not cause much harm to your scalp, and recovery should be between two weeks after the procedure.

#2.Increased Necrosis/Skin Death

Necrosis is a condition where your skin starts to dry and die due to a lack of proper oxygen and other skin growth nutrients. Some factors may lead to that, and smoking is one of them.

So, it does not matter whether it is an e-cigarette or a standard cigarette. The main ingredient is nicotine in both cases. Constricted and rigid blood vessels deny the scalp nutrients that the scalp needs to anchor the hair follicles firmly.

The result will be a failed hair transplant procedure. One will have a patchy head because the hair follicles become damaged and fall off the scalp leaving empty spaces on your head. The look might not be that pleasant to behold. 

#3. Prolonged Time Required To Heal From The Hair Transplant Procedure

Smoking e-cigarette after the hair transplant will cause the vessels to constrict and harden. Thus it causes an inadequate supply of blood and other nutrients to the affected area. The cigarette also minimizes the supply of oxygen because of increased carbon monoxide properties in the blood.

A low blood and oxygen supply leave your wound open, thus taking a long time for the skin to heal. If the skin takes longer to heal, there is a risk of infection to both the donor and recipient areas.

Prolonged healing of the skin and exposure of the affected area to microbes and other harmful particles will result in thicker scars on your head because of the scabs and crusts.

Again, if the wound does not close or heal faster, the grafted hair follicles have minimal survival chances. The low supply of oxygen and nutrients will lead to their death.


#4. Smoking Increases Bleeding During And After The Hair Transplant Process

Excess bleeding during and after the hair transplant process poses more risk to you as a patient. The time taken to complete the transplant process might extend so that the surgeon may control bleeding.

Excessive bleeding also puts the hair follicles at risk. The prolonged time the hair follicles stay outside their root base should not be more than six hours. The hair follicles start to dry and dye, thus hampering the success of the hair transplant procedure.

Call To Action

Hair transplant involves psychological input, time input, and above all, it is not a cheap procedure. Therefore, to attain the best results on your side, you will require sacrifice before and after the hair transplant process.

Smoking does not work with any surgery. Some argue that E-cigarettes have low levels of nicotine. However, that low nicotine still profoundly impacts the hair transplant procedure, recovery, and healing procedure.

Note, the best hair transplant surgeons in Dubai recommend that you start cutting down on smoking before going for the hair transplant procedure. This should be one to two weeks before the surgery and resume smoking two weeks after the surgery. That is the time required and is crucial in the recovery process.

You can visit our clinic and talk with our surgeons for more advice on how you can have the best results after a hair transplant, even if you are a serial smoker. You enjoy the consultation, and the best techniques that we use during the hair transplant are in our clinic.

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