RAFAEL NADAL Restores His Unruly Mane With FUE Hair Transplant

Nadal is all set to hit the tennis court at the Mubadala World Tennis Championships in Abu Dhabi on December, 29th. Although the results will show after 6 months.

A respected Spanish Newspaper El Mundo reported on 20th November, 2016 that Tennis player Rafael Nadal underwent a FUE hair transplant procedure to restore his thinning mane. Nadal was known for his long hair and was not quite happy about losing his hair and at the age of 30 decided to go for a  10 hour FUE Hair transplant procedure at a specialist clinic in Madrid. He was seen hiding his thinning hairline and a bald patch on his scalp, with a bandana on the court. Earlier this year in January, at an Australian Open party in Melbourne his thinning hairline ha left the people in awe. Nadal was also teased by World number one Andy Murray, who has been facing hair loss problem himself twitter ‘Who loses their hair first out of me and Rafa?’ IN 2011, Am England and Manchester United star Wayne Rooney went got 4,500 follicles transplanted. The procedure was carried out after a local anaesthetic and sedation. At that time, Rooney was only 25 years old. He was delighted with the results and inspired other athletes to follow his footsteps. The total cost of Rooney’s Hair transplant Surgery was approximately £7,700. Today you can the same results with FUE Hair Transplant in Dubai for a fraction of the cost Rooney had to pay to restore his precious locks.

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